The PC-FX[a] is a 32-bit home video game console developed by both NEC and Hudson Soft and released in Japan in 1994. Powered by an NEC V810 CPU and using CD-ROMs, the PC-FX was intended as the successor to the PC Engine and its international counterpart the TurboGrafx-16, two successful video game consoles from the late 1980s. It is NEC's final foray into the home console market.

The console is shaped like a tower PC and was meant to be similarly upgradeable. However the PC-FX lacked a 3D polygon-based graphics chip which rendered the system underpowered in comparison to its competitors. It was also expensive and lacked developer support, and as a result it was unable to compete effectively with its fifth generation peers. The PC-FX was NEC's last home video game console, and was discontinued in February 1998. It was also a commercial failure.

PC-FX Video Game Console

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