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as made famus by angry video game nerd if you have not seen it go check it out and the name makes you think of a mario nock off but nope  this game in its on right sucks but has a cult following and this is one game if you own a 3do and your a collector you must have!! 

Plumbers Don't Wear Ties 3DO

  • Game Jenie now offers delivery within 15 miles of the Game Jenie location at the county line Flea Market, Mini Mall.

    If you order $200 or more we deliver it same day. If it's $100 we will deliver it within three days! You can get 20% off by coming in the store and making a purchase of any of the items on our site if you are a rewards member. Also, Don't forget if you come in you can bring your trade and put it towards the purchase of an item. We do trades for cash and/or store credit.

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