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The LaserActive is a converged device and fourth-generation home video game console capable of playing LaserDiscs, Compact Discs, console games, and LD-G karaoke discs. It was released by Pioneer Corporation in 1993. In addition to LaserActive games, separately sold add-on modules (called "PACs" by Pioneer) accept Mega Drive/Genesis and PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 ROM cartridges and CD-ROMs.

Pioneer released the LaserActive model CLD-A100 in theUnited States on September 13, 1993, at a cost of $970. An NEC-branded version of the LaserActive player known as the LD-ROM² System, or model PCE-LD1, was released in December 1993, which was priced identically to the original system and also accepted Pioneer's PAC modules. The LaserActive has no regional lockout, allowing software from any region to be played on any system. this sytem and the sega pac has been recapped !! the sega pac is the us sega pac and is super rare !


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