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     WWE Aftershock is a professional wrestling video game released exclusively on the N-Gage in 2005. There are five main events and Survival (multiple enemies at the same time), King of the Ring(ladder tournament), and Tag Team(two versus two) match options. WWE Aftershock includes 12 WWE superstars, such as John Cena. The game features two-player contests through Bluetooth and the N-Gage Arena. Two of the twelve wrestlers are unlockable by winning the King of the Ring and playing in two-player contests. The AI controls two of the wrestlers in multiplayer King of the Ring. Attacs include hits, grapples, and Irish whips. Submission holds are available after a takedown. Each character has four front grapples and ground grapples, and his signature move or hold. Every button is assigned one action. The wrestlers grapple in a 3D arena. Wrestlers have entrance music.

WWE Aftershock N-GAGE

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